Library Shelving and Furniture Bid Notice

1. Notice

2. Building Plans

3. Furniture and Shelving Specs

Starting in the Spring of 2017, the SPLD will begin construction on a 6,108 sq ft building to completed at the corner of 3rd St. Projected completion in Fall 2017.

Building facts

  • Construction/Contractor: Laverdiere, Macomb, IL
  • Bid for building: $514,000
  • Costs for sidewalk, sewer/water hookup, shelves and chairs/tables: $65,000
  • Total Approximate Library Cost: $579,000 
  • Library savings, grants, memorials, donations, and a sustainable loan from Black Hawk Bank and Trust will be used to pay for new building. 
  • Will have 100% handicap access
  • New building will have added shelves for more items, larger programming room, study and meeting room, improved layout, public restrooms, and drinking fountain and much more! 
  • Ask us at the circulation desk how you can help us support our new library.

​​New  Library Building