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How do I register using Engaged Patrons?

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Follow the link above to see a full calendar of our upcoming programs.  When registration for an event is open, you can select the event you'd like to participate in, and then select "Register Now."

Then, enter your information.  Please note: Take Home Programs are limited to library district residents only, and adults registering for an Adult Craft must select either a 1-2 PM pick-up time, or a 6-7 PM pick-up time.  Pick-ups may not be rescheduled.

If you are registering children for a Take Home Storytime Bag or Take Home Little Explorer Box, a Sherrard Library Card is required.  Children should be registered under their own name, and each child must be registered separately.  Please do not combine multiple children under one registration.

Please be sure to double-check all program requirements, such as pick-up date and time.  Please note age requirements, library card requirements, and special questions such as accounts for check-out, movie ratings, etc.

If you cannot attend a program for which you are registered, you must notify the library to cancel.  Those that do not cancel their registration prior to the program will be considered a "no call, no show."  Three "no calls, no shows" for a household within close succession will result in suspension of program registrations for the following month.  This will also apply to those who excessively cancel registrations.

To cancel your registration, you may call the library at 309-593-2178 and speak with a staff member.

With an Engaged Patrons account you can…

~Choose reminders, sent via text or email, for all events.
~See upcoming events.
~Know exactly when registration opens.
~Create your own account to track your events. 
~Add events to your personal calendar.
~Share events with friends via social media.
~See if registration is full and have access to a wait list when available.

Programs are limited to library district residents at this time.


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Any person needing an accommodation for a disability in order to access the benefits of the Library’s services, programs, or activities under the Americans with Disabilities Act should contact the Library Director, who will make every reasonable effort to grant an accommodation request unless it poses an undue hardship or fundamentally alters the nature of the service, program, or activity.

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Craft events are @1-1.45 hours in length. At this time, you must reside in the Sherrard Public District to register for events. If you have any questions for specific event times or age requirements feel free to call us at (309)593-2178 for more information.

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It's simple: read with your child, log books, and earn prizes!  Studies show that children should hear at least 1,000 books from birth to age 5 to build the pre-reading skills they need to succeed in school.

Even reading one book per day with your child would allow your family to complete the program in three years - so, take your time and enjoy the experience!

The only deadline is when your child starts kindergarten.  Feel free to read any book (you can even repeat titles), and be sure to count any book being read to your child (including by teachers and siblings)!

Visit the front desk for instructions and reading logs, or download them directly here!

To make this journey even MORE exciting, check out our Take Home Storytime Bags and Take Home Little Explorer Boxes on EngagedPatrons.  Each kit comes with reading material that you can count toward 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten (plus a craft and snack!)